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What can do our games for your company?

No one watches traditional advertising anymore. Our games are played by thousands of people.

Throw new emotions

Promote your brand and your products in an alternative way sharing game and new ideas.


show off, amusing them

Increases repeated exposure to your message through the game without becoming a stalker.

Do not let them forget you

Allow potential customers to associate values of the game they are playing with your brand.

Expand the database

Reach a wide consumer base and add them to your prospect list.

Make them come back

Build a lasting relationship with your target audience, and know them better.

Elevates traffic

Increase your traffic online and take it to another level of awareness of your brand.


Average customer loyalty % per session


Average monthly players per game and per customer


% increase in Click-Through Rate


% of users that turn into players

4 reasons why you should choose us:

Behind every product there is at least a happy engineer.

Our creative people have ideas, and some are not bad.

We work for each client as if it were our own project.

We are a unique team consisting of multi-talented individuals.

Try one of our games

Request a demo to try a whole new gaming experience

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